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There is just ONE primary reason why people buy art...it is RELATABLE! It speaks to the buyer on some level to where they HAVE to have it...to see it on a regular basis! Whatever the reason is, there is a STORY being told that connects to the buyer at some level! Unfortunately, it's not enough for people to love your art (regardless of the type of art you're selling). There are TWO other factors or objections that play a critical role in whether or not you will make the sale...

First: The types of products you're offering your art on...

Second: The price!

If your potential customer loves your art but doesn't buy, it is usually for one of those two reasons. Perhaps your customer would love your art on a mug but you don't offer that (not that you should put your art on EVERYTHING...dear God no!). Perhaps your customer would love a print but the sizes you offer are out of their budget. That said, it IS true that people want what they want, and if they want it bad enough, they WILL spend the money to acquire it IF you understand HOW to trigger their desire!

This process works whether you are creating the art yourself, snapping photographs, generating AI art, or finding classic art in the Public Domain. There are rules you must follow...unspoken rules...and most artists ignore them (if they even understand them).
So...Are We at the Mercy of “Best-Guess” to Determine the Best Art Products to Sell?
Excellent question! Truth be told, there is often a little luck involved in scoring consistent art sales, but there are also OTHER factors that can play a HUGE role in your success. 

For instance, let's say that you and I are BOTH selling the SAME art at the SAME pricepoint. How is it that I make MORE money per sale and make MORE sales than you do? What's the trick?

Here's another example: You and I are standing next to each other to photograph the SAME sunrise. We snap our photos with the intent to sell products featuring that image, except that mine sells like hotcakes and yours doesn't. Why?
The Answers MAY Surprise You...
Introducing...“Master Product Design: Art!” 
In “Master Product Design: Art,” we are going to explore and answer the questions related to creating a successful art-based business. It honestly doesn't matter what type of art you create, if you follow the strategies I will be sharing in this brand-new training, you WILL increase your sales!

Here is what we will cover over the course of the three modules:

Module One: Producing the Art
    • Identifying the Art People Want
    • Originals, AI Art or Public Domain?
    • The Story Art Tells and Why It Matters

Module Two: Best Types of Products
    • Creating Your Own Products Smartly
    • Should You Use Print-on-Demand?
    • Product Cost Comparisons and Surprises

Module Three: Creating Your Products
    • Best Selling Insights
    • Packaging and Shipping Strategies
    • Adding the Extra Touches That Wins Customers
Here Are Some Examples of the Types of Art I’ve Been Creating to Sell...
“Master Product Design: Art” will revolutionize how you create designs and how you THINK about designs for products. It will open up possibilities for product sales that you have likely never considered before! As I said earlier, it doesn't matter what TYPE of art you create...my examples above include photographs, AI-generated art, photo composites, and art from the Public Domain.

This level of in-depth training should easily be priced at $197 or higher, but for those of you who are Fast Action Takers, you can SAVE $100 today and gain access to the LIVE training and the bonuses for...
Just $197 $97
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Only $197 $97 for a LIMITED TIME!
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