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“Finally...Leverage the Most Powerful and Effective Money Making Machine That You ALREADY Own...Your Smartphone!
Discover How You Can Use Your Phone to Create All Types of Products People Want!
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Most people have smartphones today...young and old...from young teens to great-grandparents! Sure, with our smartphone comes the ability to make and receive phone calls and texts. But they do SO much more! They can track our health, give us the weather forecast, play music, take photos and videos, play games, and much, much more!

Yet with ALL that flexibility that smartphones provide for us, very few have EVER considered using it as a moneymaker! Weird! If you think about it, most information-based products include some degree of one or more of the following:
    • Text
    • Photos
    • Art
    • Audio
    • Video
Smartphones can EASILY create ALL those types of expression and more, natively or with apps! So the question then becomes: Why aren't MORE people (like YOU) using their smartphone to create products to sell? I mean, why not? You already carry it with you just about everywhere! Why not put it to good use, right?
If You Can Send a Text, Snap a Photo, or Shoot a Quick Video With Your Smartphone, You Can Use It to Create Products That Sell!
There is a CATCH, however! You knew it, right?!

The catch is likely NOT what you think. Most people never use their Smartphones to create products or make money because they simply do not understand HOW...or it never occurred to them to do so! 

Listen...I will let you in on the most important secret regarding making money with your Smartphone:
It's ALL About Telling Stories That Engage Others!
That's it!

You know those photos you posted to Instagram? You are telling stories! That video you created for TikTok? Telling stories! And those engaging posts about your family vacation on Facebook? You guessed it...TELLING STORIES!

Perhaps you're thinking...it CAN'T be that SIMPLE!

Why not? When you choose to use the Smartphone skills you ALREADY have in specific ways to create products that engage others, you WILL make money! And that is EXACTLY what I plan to share with you in my brand-new course!
Introducing...“Mobile Money Makers!” 
In “Mobile Money Makers,” I will show you how to turn your Smartphone into a workhorse for creating all types of information-based products. And, in this 3-Module Course (90min – 120min each), we will cover ALL types of content you can use to create the BEST types of Money Making Products (with a LOT of goodies sprinkled in):

Module One: Writing & Books
    • Can You REALLY Write Books and eBooks Using Your Phone?
    • The Best Tools for Writing on Your Smartphone
    • What About Illustrating Kids Books?
    • And Much More!

Module Two: Photos & Art
    • The RIGHT Ways to Make Your Photos Look Like $$$ With Your Phone!
    • Preparing Your Art for Product Creation
    • Photo & Art Books for the Win!
    • And Much More!

Module Three: Audio & Video
    • Audio and Video Strategies for Creating Products
    • Shoot & Edit Your Videos Like a Pro (on Your Phone)
    • Podcasts, Audio Transcription & More!
    • And Much More!

BONUS: Deep Dive - Photoshop Mobile Apps
“Mobile Money Makers” will open up your possibilities to create products on the fly, no matter how old or young you are. No more wasting time endlessly scrolling through Social Media when you can instead crank out great products using your phone! 

This level of in-depth training should easily be priced at $300 or higher, but for those of you who are Fast Action Takers, you can SAVE today and gain access to the LIVE training and the bonus for...
Just $300 $67
Join “Mobile Money Makers” for 
JUST $300 $67 for a LIMITED TIME!
Secure payments through Paypal...
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